A pretty nineteen-century house, carefully renovated, located
at the edge of the great plain of Östergötland, and once used
as a teachers lodging for the local school. There are 4
bedrooms with 8 comfortable beds. There is also a
guesthome on the premises,
with 8 rooms.

A couple of kilometres to the north you can visit the
Monastery Church of Vreta Kloster
, which has been watching
over the plain for almost one thousand years. A few
kilometres further north, the deep forest of Stjärnorp loom
large and with a beautiful ravine that might leave you
spellbound. On Roxen, the nearby lake, you can see the
sailboats gliding towards the famous locks in Berg, where you
also find restaurants, cafés, mini-golf and beaches, as well as
bicycle tracks.

To the east, a distant view over the city of Linköping, 12 km
away. You can discern the grandiose Cathedral rising high
and standing out in bold relief on the horizon. To the south
stands a famous rune stone, not more than 500 m away
where two famous Kings fought a battle and
were buried
in a mound fifteen hundred years ago. To the west,
overlooking miles and miles of the wide and beautiful
agricultural landscape you may on a clear day experience a
fantastic sunset over the plain.

, you are right in the middle of everything, yet in a peaceful,
private and secluded place and perfect for a romantic get-
away or a family vacation

Villa Freja

220 km from Stockholm and
3,8 km from Bergs slussar, Vreta Kloster.

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